Rabobank, a premier bank with over 100 years’ experience in the global food and agribusiness industry. New challenges are arising from increased demand for food, changing consumer preferences and the need for sustainable food production. We want to help spur the leaders and technology solutions that will help address the world’s food challenges.


FoodBytes! by Rabobank was created with a simple mission in mind – to find the most innovative and ground-breaking concepts in food and agriculture, and pair that creativity with the capital needed to bring it to market.


Rabobank believes that it is crucial to encourage, support, and promote an ecosystem full of different business models and viewpoints that will drive innovative solutions. We believe our key role in supporting this type of ecosystem is to promote and facilitate connections throughout the entire food and agriculture value chain.

Brooklyn Event Video

Check out the highlights from FoodBytes! Brooklyn, which was held at The Hall at MP in March 2016.

Hear from our FoodBytes! Community

thechaatco_250xUnlike the technology world, where avenues to access both capital and human expertise to nurture innovative start-ups are abundant, in food, we have a lot of catching up to do. Events such as FoodBytes! are key in uniting the passionate individuals and organizations that will play a critical role in building the next generation of food. We jumped at the opportunity to participate and present The Chaat Co at FoodBytes! not just to seek out opportunities that will propel our start-up forward but also to do our part in building momentum towards the better food movement.

Anshu Dua

Co-Founder, The Chaat Company

kulikuli_250xFoodBytes! had an incredible range of foodies from fellow entrepreneurs to angel investors and venture capital funds. Everyone there wanted to create a better food system and was talented enough to actually do it.

We just launched our new Moringa Green Energy Shots nationwide with Whole Foods. They’ve already gotten a lot of attention. In fact, the Oscars committee was so excited about them that they decided to feature them in the green room and VIP gift bags at no charge!

Lisa Curtis

Founder & CEO, Kuli Kuli

noa_250xFoodBytes! Brooklyn was a great place to meet fellow food and beverage entrepreneurs and to make investors and media aware of our offering. It was a great mix of awesomely nice people gathering in a relaxed setting, all interested in F&B. The Rabobank staff was super friendly and executed the event flawlessly.

We had several potential investors approaching us and also got an eye opener from a fellow presenter for an application we might use in our product. Rabobank is still aiding with advice and crucial connections. Next steps for us is to finalise our IM and raise capital from US-based beverage investors.

Noa Fridmark

Founder & CEO, NOA Relaxation

backtotheroot_250xFoodBytes! is an awesome gathering of passionate food innovators – inspiring, educational, and fun! It was an excellent opportunity to meet new food innovators and learn from their experiences. Back to the Roots was honored to be selected as the People’s Choice, and FoodBytes! helped open the door for new opportunities.

Nikhil Arora

Co-Founder, Back To The Roots

lovethewild_250xThe field of startups presenting FoodBytes Brooklyn was so strong, it was an honor just to share the same stage. Besides being one of the best organized events we’ve ever attended,   FoodBytes curated a fantastic community whose connections just keep growing stronger… long after the event. Through FoodBytes, we met companies that we are partnering with to solve some challenges in our business and got media exposure that helped land us new retail accounts.  Now, we’re focused on building a great business and making the most of those opportunities.

Jacqueline Claudia

CMO, LoveTheWild

arable_250xIt’s possible to be so focused on your target customer that you lose sight of the larger web of connections that connects us all through food. FoodBytes! was great to bring together entrepreneurs working directly with producers and people taking food products to stores.  I especially appreciated understanding the connection Rabobank has in linking the different components of the food system and being able to rely on them in the future.

Adam Wolf

Co-Founder, Arable

Logo_reducedweb1-300x281The FoodBytes! Brooklyn event was phenomenal. It was an incredibly well curated crowd of food entrepreneurs, food investors and media. Thanks to FoodBytes we could premier our final product design on stage during the 60 seconds pitch and secure media coverage from FoodRepublic, Business Insider and FastCo Design. Additionally, we made first contacts with a potential supplier as well two VCs. If you are in the food business, this event is a must.

Sandro Meyer

CMO, flatev

freshtemp_250xFoodBytes! was fun, welcoming, and enthusiastic; we connected with creative teams and investors who were inspiring and supportive. It was wonderful sharing our hard work with a group that is equally dedicated to improving quality and awareness in the food industry and we left feeling more driven with strong connections. We have received inquiries from people across the country who saw the FoodBytes! clips on their local news stations and they are interested in working with us. FreshTemp is increasing its footprint from the press and connections at the event. We are currently in talks with a large, nationwide food retailer that we met at FoodBytes! Brooklyn.

Lauren Brock

Founder & COO, °FreshTemp

patricksfinesodas_250xIt was great to receive validation for our products from a passionate group of food industry insiders that believe in the future of food. Every startup is looking for signs of momentum, and FoodBytes! clearly demonstrated that food and interest in this industry is on the rise from investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Shawn Patrick

CEO & Founder, Patrick’s Fine Sodas


Rabobank maintains at the forefront of emerging technologies that will shape the future of our clients’ businesses and our competitive service delivery in the long-term.


Rabobank was founded by farmers who believed that the cooperative concept of working together would be of benefit to all. Food and agriculture is and always will be at the heart of our strategy. We define our contribution to sustainable development as a collective effort to use natural resources as efficiently as possible, reducing our impact on the environment.


Rabobank is committed to the enablement of a food-secure future for our world’s population with respect to improving both availability and access to food, stimulating balanced nutrition, and enhancing stability of food and agriculture supply chains.


FoodBytes! by Rabobank was created with a simple mission in mind – to find the most innovative and ground-breaking concepts in food and agriculture, and pair that creativity with the capital needed to bring it to market.

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